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Alright everyone, my page is finally back up and running and it’s an extremely exciting time for me as I have a few new projects underway this year.

Along with continuing to book shows for The Zibbz, I’m now working in their management too. Also in May, I was approached by Azoff Music to tour manage their indie-roots band, HoneyHoney who will be supporting Sheryl Crow later this month. The band wrapped up playing a few great shows at Coachella, Sasquatch, and supporting Jim Morrison earlier this year, so hopefully this will be a great band to tour and grow with in the future.

There’s also more writing projects and other prospective clients I might be working with soon, however that’s all I can divulge for now.

Check back for more updates in the future and visit my blog for weekly ongoings too!


Starting Over, yet Again...

July 8th, 2012

This past month I’ve had a great opportunity handed to me by working with the indie-roots band, HoneyHoney.

I first discovered them last November after reviewing their new album, Billy Jack , for The Deli LA. Once I heard they were looking for a new Tour Manager, I couldn’t pass up the chance to work with them first hand.

So far I’ve been on with them since Make Music Pasadena which was a great event to take part in. We also recently completed a one-off to Red, White, and Brew Fest in Pagosa Springs, CO for the 4th of July.

Next up, the band will be cruising up the coast supporting Sheryl Crow for her California tour dates. You can check out more on HoneyHoney here:

Tour Dates with HoneyHoney:

7.20.2012: Wells Fargo Center for the Arts       Santa Rosa, CA           Support for Sheryl Crow

7.21.2012: The Saratoga Winery                          Saratoga, CA               Support for Sheryl Crow

7.22.2012: The Saratoga Winery                         Saratoga, CA               Support for Sheryl Crow

7.25.2012: Pacific Ampitheatre                         Costa Mesa, CA           Support for Sheryl Crow

7.26.2012: Humphrey’s                                         San Diego, CA            Support for Sheryl Crow

On the Road with HoneyHoney:

July 9th, 2012


It is my own personal honor to have recently received a ‘special thanks’ from the artist, Duniven, on his latest EP release These Dreams for my write-ups on their music from last year’s Residency at Silver Lake Lounge and this year’s Residency at the Satellite.

Patrick Duniven personally reached out to me and said that I’m officially noted as a stepping stone in his bands’ professional pathway to success as well as my articles are always a strong quote for them on their electronic press kit.

Special Thanks from Duniven

July 23rd, 2012

It’s truly words like Duniven’s that makes it worth writing reviews for bands and makes me happy I can help them to the next level and expose their music to more fans.

Thanks so much Patrick Duniven for your kind words I hope the rest of 2012 brings you the best success for yourself and your music.

His reviews as well as others written by me for Deli LA are now available under the writing section of my webpage. Take a gander if you care to.

You may also check out Duniven’s music at Duniven on Facebook


As the summer is coming to a close for HoneyHoney’s run with Sheryl Crow, I’d like to let all you lovely friends and kin alike know about the band’s KICK STARTER Program.

Like most bands who are always touring, writing, and peddling their musical treasures, HoneyHoney too is looking for a little lolly to help them fund their fall tour with Trampled By Turtles.

The tour will take them through the swamps of the South Lands and right on up through the Bible Belt, starting in late September through October.

So if you have maybe, one, two, or 5mins and 31secs of your time to spare today, please check out HoneyHoney’s KICK STARTER page and give a kind donation for a great cause.

HoneyHoney - KICK STARTER Program

July 25th, 2012   


My tour has come to a close with HoneyHoney, as soon as I have a moment and a nice mug of cocoa to go with it, I’ll be writing about my tales of adventures this past month with them.

For now though, I wanted to give a little ‘shout out’ to one of the best bands I’ve worked with over the years, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

They have a new record coming out on September 4th, and I couldn’t be more excited for it then I already am. This record entitled Rattle Them Bones, serves up another dish of the period-piece of music that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has been able to execute and master without a hitch since their first hit record Americana Deluxe!

On Rattle Them Bones, the band takes us back to the Speakeasy era delivering up saucy horns, romping upright bass lines, and  catchy lyrics.

Please take a look at their online EPK for the new record which features the band writing and recroding the album. You’ll also get to hear one of the songs off Rattle Them Bones, entitled ‘Why Me?’

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s : Rattle Them Bones

July 30th, 2012